Private Jet Charter to Nice, France

One of our private jet charter popular destinations is Nice, France.

Private jet charter to Nice, France

Nice is located in the French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast. This lovely city of France comes with a nickname “Nice la Belle” which means Nice the beautiful. This is nickname is absolutely suitable with Nice because Nice is a prime location where you can explore the rest of the French Riviera. Nice is also known as one of luxury destinations in the world. Yet a boutique and classic destination in the Mediterranean. Nice is also close to Monaco. Those who want to travel to Monaco typically land at Nice airport.


We offer private jet charter flights to Nice, France at Nice Cote D’Azur airport with special rates. The airport is positioned 7 km (4 mi) west of the city centre. Although it is the third busiest airport in France, there is a dedicated private jet terminal at the airport, so you will travel completely private. Traveling by private jet, you can arrive at the airport just 15 mins before your departure time. The airport is also a gateway to Monaco. If you want to go to Monaco, typically you will arrive at Nice airport, then you will be transferred to Monaco by ground transportation or helicopter.


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