Flying on private Jet costs less than you think

“Private jet costs are expensive.” This is your misunderstanding.


You might think that taking on a private jet flight is expensive. We can say that is not all the cases. We will show you how to fly save on private jet! 

Private jet costs vary from each operator. The price may be different on the same aircraft, same route, but different operators. Generally, the common thing is the price is charged by hours or miles. For example, you want a private jet charter flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. Operator A will charge you by total flight hours, Operator B, however, will charge you by total miles that the jet will be operated. You should request the quote from different operators to compare the prices of your preferred route.


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Before we go on to how to save your private jet costs, let’s dive into factors of private jet charter price:


Factor 1: Aircraft type

There are 7 categories of business jets. The larger aircraft, the more expensive because it can fly in longer range and can accommodate more passengers. The categories of business jets are:

  1. Very light jets
    The very light jet is the smallest business jets. They typically accommodate 6–7 passengers and are suitable for short flights of 300 to 500 miles (480 to 800 km) and 40 to 80 minutes’ duration.
  2. Light jets
    Light jets can accommodate 6–8 passengers and range can vary from 2 to 4.5 hours.
  3. Mid-size jets
    Mid-size jets are suitable for longer-range flights or transcontinental flights. They typically accommodate 9 passengers with much-improved luggage space. The range of this type is 3 to 5 hours.
  4. Super mid-size jets
    Super mid-size jets offer better benefits of the previous types, such as, wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed, comfort, and longer range. They typically accommodate 8–10 passengers. The range of this type is 5 to 8 hours.
  5. Large jets
    Large jets typically accommodate 8 to 14 passengers and 6 to 9 hours range.
  6. Long range jets
    Long range jets can accommodate up to 19 passengers with full standing headroom and sleeping arrangements. These aircraft also offers specious in-flight service. They are suitable for global travel because the range is up to nearly 7,300 statute miles.
  7. VIP airliners
    VIP airliners are the airliners converted into business jets, such as Airbus Corporate Jets or Boeing Business Jet.


Factor 2: Year of manufacture

Year of manufacture is one of import factors to private jet costs. Although the old aircraft require more maintenance than the new one, it is cheaper. Some aircraft were made in 80s and still be used I’m some operators.

Factor 3: Ground Handling

Ground handling is a mandatory service to operate a flight. This service facilitates everything when a jet is on the ground – from the check-in process, baggage loading, airport slots reservation, fueling, air craft cleaning, arranging catering, and many more.

Some operators include ground handling fees to the quoted price, but some doesn’t. Before making a booking, make sure you ask the operators or brokers the quoted price includes this service or not. Otherwise, you will be charged and extra fees.

If you book with us, the quoted price is all-in prices. Everything is included, there is no extra charge! 


Factor 4: Crew

Typically, you have to pay the pilots waiting fee. It is the hourly wait fee and based on the number of pilots. If you are having a long flight, the overnight crew fee will be charged. This is to comply with the FAA regulations on operating hours of pilots and cabin crews.

As same as ground handling services, some operators include these fees to the quoted, but some do not.


Factor 5: Special Requests

You would want some special requests for your flight, for example, special catering, or ground hounding. These additional requests come with additional costs.


Now let’s see options how you can save the private jet costs for your flight.

  1. Empty Leg flights
    An empty leg flight is an empty flight flying back to its origin from an already booked trip. This is typical for a one-way flight. An empty leg flight could save you up to 70% if you fly one-way. For example, a flight from New York to Los Angeles normally costs from $35,000. An empty leg flight costs as low as $2,700.

  2. Charter by seat
    Normally, private jet charter is a whole flight charter. Many air charter operators also have a program to allow customers to book a charter flight per seat. This could save a lot, sometimes it could save your more than an empty leg flight.

You have found the options to save your private jet flight costs. If you would like private jet charter special rates and deals, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.